Gerk was surprised by this answer, because not a single girl had ever refused him.
You seduced me today in the garden. I want to fuck you in all holes.
When I brought coffee into the room, she came out of the bath, but this time she had already dried herself there and came out completely naked. I didn't wear anything myself when I was making coffee, so maybe that's why I decided to go too. There was still a lot of time before her date while we sat, I kept looking at her beautiful body and caught her eye on my cock. Jokingly, I asked if she still wanted him, to which she replied not with words, but with action. She leaned over and kissed him a few times before laying on her back on the couch and pulling my arm to lie next to me. Well, how about. This! the girl abruptly lowered my panties and took my penis with her small, tender hand. She slowly jerked him off. I groaned in pleasure and surprise. After a couple of minutes, Kylie took my hand and put it in her panties. I ran my fingers over her vagina. She was wet, hot and tender, like rose petals. Do you feel it, Alex? I have a problem too. And I can't sleep because of her.
We will fix this now. I'll just take off my pants.
No, I’ll tell you later, but now what we agreed on. Should I undress? she asked.
We stood opposite each other in this empty room, naked, like Adam and Eve in paradise. Galya, indeed, was beautiful - a beautiful girl, obviously with Ukrainian, South Slavic roots, in the prime of her youth.
Galya. - Yes Yes. You take turns, then one then the other caress yourself, and I have to listen to it.
I must say that Aunt Ira was very happy about the arrival of her nephew. I, too, was glad - rather simply that my long journey ended safely. We stood at the door for a long time, exchanging greetings and such words as are customary on such occasions.